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Angling Premium Trout

Angling Premium Trout

Coppens International's Premium Trout feed pellets are very attractive feed pellets. Thanks to very palatable ingredients such as prime fish meal, refined fish oil and soluble fish proteins this feed is ideal for attracting carp and other freshwater fish. Fish benefit from the complete composition of this feed because it is nutritious and easily digestible.

Lasting effectiveness Premium Trout pellets have a long lasting effect due to its natural ingredients. The attractants such as soluble fish proteins leak instantly from the pellet as soon as they are in water. They are water stable for several hours making them very effective for slower moving fish like big carp and catfish. The powerful attraction of Premium Trout pellets make them very suitable for waters with a high angling pressure and educated carp. Even rig wise carp will find these pellets irresistible. These pellets can even be turned into soft pellets by soaking them for a few minutes in water and leaving them overnight in a plastic bag with air in the fridge. In this way these pellets can be used very well for coarse fishing. Premium Trout pellets are also known to be very seductive for big bream. A perfect feed pellet for many species of fish.

Availability Due to its effectiveness for many fresh water fish it is available in 5 sizes.

Premium Trout                                          3.0 mm
4.5 mm
6.0 mm
8.0 mm
10.0 mm


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